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Over the last 20 years, Rainer Mahlamäki has taught and chaired departments of Architecture at Finland’s distinguished Tampere University of Technology and Oulu University. He has been engaged internationally as a guest lecturer of Architecture throughout Europe, the Far East, Scandinavia and North America. He has served as Chairman and board member of SAFA – Finnish Association of Architecture, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, and on the National Architecture Arts Committee.

Awards and honors have included the SVRR1 Badge of Honour given by the President of Finland, 4th Annual Biennial International from Brazil, and the Triennial from Milan, Italy. Rainer Mahlamäki has had Architecture firm together with Ilmari Lahdelma since 1997 ( Rainer Mahlamäki’s Architectural career has included buildings for both Helsinki and Tampere Universities; Folk Art Centre at Kaustinen; “Lusto” Finnish Forest Museum and Forest Information Centre at Punkaharju and currently under construction in Warsaw, Poland, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

This museum project has been the inspiration for Mahlamäki’s Pateo watch for Projects. Pateo (Latin for open passage) aptly describes the design element of the watch, as well as the history of the Jews in Poland. The Museum is located in what was the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II and is scheduled to open in 2012. In Pateo design process Mahlamäki has been assisted by Architect Jukka Savolainen.