Our Mission: To raise the collective consciousness of innovative design, regardless of what form it may take and provide our customers with a product that is: functional, affordable, and unique.

Who are we?

For over 30 years Projects has been committed to one thing, the pursuit of creative and limit-testing design. We have dedicated ourselves to celebrating the role that architecture and design play in our daily lives and strive to share it with audiences just as unique as our watches.

We have never been and never will be a company whose watches cater to what is “normal”, we are different, like you. We will never be the watch you buy with your holiday bonus because we don’t really think you should break the bank to get a cutting edge watch. We believe that good design belongs on your wrist, not in a gallery served with wine and cheese.

Projects began its enduring romance with timepieces by collaborating with world renowned architect Michael Graves on the OH Watch. It quickly became recognized as a classic design with an affordable price. Notable watch designs followed and Projects subsequently committed itself to bringing fine design, at a reasonable price, to market.

Projects watches have brought a new face to the telling of time. Each year brings new designs for an ever-evolving market. A market that awards Projects a unique space at the crossroads of functionality and pure design pleasure. From design giants such as Michael Graves, whose projects define the industries they populate, to young artists with a vision for the future of design and architecture, the search of the next great design never stops.

Currently in our collection all of our watches fall into one of three categories. Architect-Designed Watches, which emphasize a three dimensional approach and incorporate color and structure. Kinetic Watches, which are aimed at the type of person who usually depend upon their phone to check the time. These watches are unique in that they are all interactive in some way, meaning they don’t tell time, they emphasize good design, and happen to tell time as well. Our last category is the M&Co Collection, these watches were designed in the 1980s by Tibor Kalman, a graphic designer and visionary. Since their inception these watches have developed a loyal and steadfast following. With many of the watches in the collection playing upon graphics and simplicity, it is easy to see why these watches will never go out of style.

Here at Projects we are committed to ensuring those who have a passion for good design and architecture are given the opportunity to have something few others can offer: architecture you can wear. We don’t do big box retailers or chain stores because our customers aren’t just looking for a watch. Our customers are looking for a story, one that plays out over twenty four hours and will repeat for years to come. Projects seeks to tell that story, and in return reward you with a one of a kind timepiece rich in design and fair in price.

All of us here at Projects wish to thank you, our customer for all the support you have provided us over the years not just by purchasing our watches, but with your comments and suggestions. Good design is not agreed upon by one person or company, it is a collective view shared by many and had by all.

Yours in good design,

David Worn
CEO, Projects Watches